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Location of the Tayna Gorilla Reserve in Africa
The Tayna gorilla reserve is located in the African rain forest belt, in the northeastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, at 0° 00' - 0° 30' N and 28° 30' - 29° 00' E, in the ecological zone of the Albertine Rift and Congo Basin, west of Lake Edward (see arrow). The red line shows the extent of the reserve map below. 
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Itinerary to the Tayna reserve



Pierre Kakule Vwirasihikya
Tayna Gorilla Reserve / RGT Coordinator, 
General Secretary of UGADEC (Association of Community Reserves in East DR-Congo) 

Po BOX 167 

Tel.: 00(250)08653697 or 00(243)8885531 or 00(250)543071
E-mail (office): pktayna@yahoo.fr or pkrgt@hotmail.com


Offices for Tayna: in Butembo; in Muhanga. 
Bingi is also the seat of many field activities of Tayna. 
Tayna Centre for Conservation Biology: at
Bingi orphanage in Bingi

Itinerary  to  Tayna:

By plane:  to Goma,  to Butembo via Goma, to Butembo.

By car:  see map below:

From Goma: via Rugari, Rumangabo, Rubare, Rutsuru, Kirumba, Mabenga (in the Virunga National Park), Mai ya Moto, Kanyabayonga (end of Virunga National Park), Kasegbe, Matembe, Alimbongo (Tayna entry), Bingi and Muhanga to Tayna

From Butembo: via Musienene, Lubero, Bikara, Alimbongo, Bingi and Muhanga to Tayna.


 Map of the Tayna Gorilla Reserve and surroundings
The Tayna Reserve covers a surface of about 700 kmē of primary forest in the Bamate and Batangi collectivities in Lubero Territory. It is subdivised first into 4 sites, called stations, and several zones according to their ecological importance. Population density in the area is relatively low. 

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