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Privacy - our data protection policy according to the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

Contact: E-mail: Helga.Schulze@loris-conservation.org

Our data protection policy
according to General Data Protection Regulation GDPR Art. 13 EU-DSGVO

This web page which is not involved in fundraising, does not sell anything and is maintained with volunteer work for the sake of conservation and animal welfare. See our coauthors page for cooperation.
Contact for any questions concerning data protection within the project: see below

About the data included in these pages
In our web pages, personal data are only included when the people / coworkers concerned have agreed.

As to personal data being handled for the project:
all personal data are kept confidential in accordance with the GDPR. We only save data as far as it is necessary for volunteer conservation work, like saving contact addresses which are kept in the care of one coworker in Germany and are handled in accordance with European data protection regulations.
Personal data are kept confidential in accordance with the GDPR.We do not sell any data to third parties, and we do not forward data beyond the necessary amount for work and communication with agreement of people concerned.
We delete personal data when they are no longer needed.

We are not commercial. We do not use any payment services in our web pages. We have got no facebook or similar page. We do not use analytic tools monitoring use of web pages and do not save any information which might be provided by such tools. We also do not employ Internet advertisement, online marketing or other services or website plugins collecting personal data.

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information about the kind of personal data we save or if you want us to delete any personal data about you via E-mail

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